Local Bengali kills a Rohingya refugee in Kutupalong

Kutupalong, Bangladesh:  A local Bangladeshi killed a Rohingya refugee for a little money of rent today morning, according to refugee leader from camp.

Jagira, a Bangladeshi who live in front of MSF and ACF office killed Nur Mohamed (45) , living  in E2 block of unregistered refugee camp for rent of open space in front   where Nur denied to pay for rent of space. Today early morning, after morning pray time, Jagira and his sons called Nur to their home about to discuss about the rent where the sons and father tortured Nur and killed in their home, the leader said.

“The family of Nur and refugees nearby their shacks when to the Jagira’s house to see the situation of Nur, but find he was dead inside the house of Jagira,” said some refugee who were the eyewitness.

The refugees and family members informed to the camp committee and security force of camp. Then the security informed to Ukhiya police station about the murder, said a committee member from the camp.

The refugees and police found, Nur was tortured, tied with rope which made him hanged and hard-pressed his manhood for only rent Taka 40. The Jagira and his sons are not thinking about human being, but thinking about the only Taka 40, said an official from the camp.

“When the refugees gathered in the spot, the Jagira and his son were run away from seen and now disappeared from the area. Police took the dead body to hospital for autopsy and still not arrive dead body to the camp.”

The Rohingya who are living in Burma has no dignity in front of Burmese authority as well as in Bangladesh. The Rohingya flee from their home land to Bangladesh to save their lives, but the Bangladesh is also not save for them to save their lives, said a Rohingya politician.

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