Surveillance police officer extorts money from Eid festival shoppers

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Assistant inspector Toe Toe, the surveillance police officer from Maungdaw police station had extorted one hundred thousand kyat from a vehicle which carried Eid festival shoppers from Maungdw south today, said a vehicle driver who didn’t want to mention his named.
“The surveillance police officer came to the vehicle and asked the passengers where the driver said dropped all the passengers- Eid festival shoppers- when it arrived in Maungdaw. But, the police officer took the key of vehicle and said to bring all the passengers.”

The vehicle’s driver and owner complain to the vehicle association, but the association didn’t able to take the vehicle’s key. So, the diver and owner try to find out the Eid shoppers and some Eid shoppers with driver went to the police officer for asking the reason of searching the passengers, said an elder from Maungdaw.

“The police officer deny to give the reason and asked to bring all the passengers or to give one hundred thousand kyats for key.”

“At last movement, the driver and passengers gave the money which the officer demand for key.”

All the passengers have all documents- ID and travel pass- to shop in the Maungdaw in the eve of Eid festival, but the officers want money from Rohingya, and twisted  the law to get the money with allegation for investigate  the Rohingyas who came from Maungdaw south, said a politician.

“There is no law for Rohingya to protect their property and lives in Maungdaw. Before Burma border security force (Nasaka) and now the police in the place of Nasaka.”

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