Army and police increase harassment in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan state:  Army and police jointly increased harassments against the Rohingya villagers in Maungdaw Township in place of former Nasaka (Burma border security force), said a Local elder preferring not to be named for security reason. “A group of army and police jointly went to Kilaidaung village, under Nasaka area No.6, where they kept Rohingyas’ cows to a nearby Natala village from a grazing field on August 5.”

Being informed, the cattle owner Kala (45), son of Nazir Ahmed went to the said Natala village but he was severely beaten by police and army for going to Natala village to release the cattle. However, later, he was released along with his cattle, after taking Kyat 25,000, said an army aide who denied to be named.

Besides, the same day, the same security force arrested a minor boy namely Ayas (14), son of Salim Ullah, hailed from Kilaidaung village while he was grazing cattle nearby a mountain. He was brought to their camp accompanied by his cattle where he was severely tortured. But, later, he was released along with his cows, after giving Kyat 50,000 by his father, according to a relative of the victim.

In addition, on that day, they (the army and police) arrested one Zahir Ahmed (45), son of Basa Meah, hailed from Kilaidaung village of Maungdaw south while he was going to his house from his paddy field.  After arrest, he was also beaten up severely and then he was released without taking money. The security force said, “Zahir was arrested for nothing but only for Rohingya Muslims are become eye sores of us,” according to a businessman from the locality.

A youth from the village said, “It is a deliberate action against the Rohingya community. How long Rohingya people will survive in Arakan, Burma? Why the world community is tightlipped regarding this?”

Regarding the event, when contacted the Maungdaw police station, the phone receiver said that “he is not an authorized person, so he has not right to say anything.”

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