Police arrests a notorious unofficial refugee from Kutupalong makeshift camp

Ukhiya, Bangladesh: Police of Ukhiya police station arrested a notorious unofficial Rohingya refugee from the Kutupalong makeshift camp over some allegations on August 2, said a refugee leader on condition of anonymity. Police arrested Rakib Ullah (33), son of late Nazumul Haque for trafficking of Malaysia boat people, extortion from camp refugees, harassing refugee, involved in various kinds of smuggling, the refugee said.

A group of police from Ukhiya police station went to unofficial Kutupalong camp and arrested him after being conducted operation after getting information about him.

After arrest, he was brought to the police station and detained for further investigation.

Rakib Ullah and two others – Mohamed Noor and Syed (Lalu) – had raped a refugee women last year when Rakib Ullah was camp committee secretary and the case was filed in the Ukhiya police station, but escaping from police personnel till now, said an elder from camp.

“The refugee woman was still waiting for her judgment from authority.”

The Rakib and his group extorted money from refugee when the committee sited for case settlement between refugees and took 500 – 5000 taka on depend the case, the elder said.

The refugees from camp complained so many accusation – beating, rape, smuggling of various kinds of goods, extorted money and making disunity within the refugees- on him and refugee need to free and fair lives in the camp , not under pressure of own people, according to the refugees.

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