More smuggling goods transit along Burma-Bangladesh border

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  More smuggling goods –from Burma and Bangladesh- are being smuggled into Bangladesh and Burma targeting the Eid festivel market. Most of the goods are passing through various illegal channels, Kamal, a local said from border. “A group of syndicates from the Burma-Bangladesh border, are smuggling many Burmese and Bangladeshi goods without the knowledge of Bangladesh/ Burmese authorities during the Ramadan month for profit.”

According to sources, the Burmese goods are being smuggled to Bangladesh such as— Burmese longyi, various kinds of clothes, Yaba tablets, torch lights, slippers, drugs and etc. These goods are being smuggled to Bangladesh from many different border points.

From Bangladesh side such as— kerosene, petrol, diesel, edible oil, sugar, onion, garlic, vermicelli and various kinds of vegetables and even green chili, said a trader named Shafi Ullah from Teknaf.

“We have to buy sugar, onions, and edible oil at the high price from the local market as being smuggling these items to Burma”.

According to BGB sources, the smuggling goods are being decreased than before as the concerned authorities of Bangladesh have given tight security along the border.

The security force –Hluntin and police- are taking money from smugglers to transit the goods from Burma and to Burma and the border is now like a smuggling transit areas, said a civil officer from Maungdaw.

In Ramadan, every Rohingya Muslim in Burma are trying to perform their religious duty within emergency period and try to celebrate  their Eid festival in their areas with buying goods  which were entered through the smuggling which was more expensive than before, the officer said.

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