No more Rohingya refugees’ settlement in Australia

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Australia High Commissioner to Dhaka Greg Wilcock said his country had to allow Rohingya refugees to settle in Australia, but not anymore, said the High Commissioner at press briefing in his Dhaka residence on July 29.

Australian High Commissioner to Dhaka Greg Wilcock 
“We had stopped taking Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh under its third-country settlement programme and in 2009-2010, we accepted 100 Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh, but no more.”

The high commissioner also said in the press briefing, no asylum-seeker coming by boat without a visa would be allowed in Australia anymore. Australia ceased accepting Rohingyas even who came by boat to Australia for asylum as the issue and status of Rohingya in Burma  is not clear and risk of lives which made them dangerous  sea route to  Australia.

“Under the new arrangement signed with Papua New Guinea (PNG) – the Regional Settlement Arrangement – all unauthorized arrivals will be sent to PNG for assessment and, if found to be refugees, they will be settled there.”

“Around 1,000 people tried to reach Australia by boat since July 19. The newcomers would be treated under the new arrangement.”

“The Australian government, in partnership with the PNG government, will support settlement services for those with refugee status, as safe and appropriate accommodation services are identified,” he added.

However, he could not specify the current number of Rohingya refugees resettled in the country.

The Rohingya who flee from their homeland – Arakan and Rangoon- with the hope of to resettle in Australia for their children better lives, if the Australian government sent them as per new arrangement signed with Papua New Guinea (PNG), what will happen for those who hope to settle in Australia, said a Rohingya stranded in Indonesia who try to enter the Australia.

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