Army, police, and Hluntin ransack village in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Army, police and Hluntin (riot police) jointly went to a Rohingya village of Maungdaw south and ransacked the village and villagers on July 28, without any provoking them, said a local elder who denied to be named.  “A group of army, police and Hluntin from Maungdaw went to the Kilaidaung (Dou Chee Yartan) village on July 28, before noon and ransacked the village without any reason where the security force arrested Monir Ahmed (45), son of Fazal Ahmed, and Rahmed Ullah (50), son of Zalal of Kilaidaung village, Maungdaw south without any reason while they were walking on the road in the village.”

The security forces severely tortured the two Rohingyas in front of the villagers by saying “why you were walking on the road in front of the security forces as we hate you very bitterly.”

“We, Rohingya community become eye sores of Burmese security forces,” said a youth from Maungdaw.

“The two Rohingyas were released after taking Kyat 150,000 and 50,000 respectively.”

The new security force want to threaten the villagers, as newly replaced of former Nasaka (Burma border security force) made of army, police, Hluntin, custom, immigration and Sarapa (Military Intelligence), a businessman from the locality said.

In addition, a group of army, Hluntin and police personnel jointly went to the Auk Nan Ragon (Lamar Razar Bill) of Rathedaung Township, and arrested Moulvi Abu Taher (32), son of Abdu Salam and Moulvi Enam (39), son of Abdu Soban without any allegation and beaten up severely.  Subsequently, a big goat from Moulvi Abu Taher and two big cocks from Moulvi Abdu Soban had been taken away by the joint forces, said a local religious leader preferring not to be named.

A village elder said, “It is a preliminary test by new security forces for Rohingya community after Nasaka had been withdrawal.”

Rohingya people of northern Arakan believe that there will be less harassment after the Nasaka’s withdrawal from Arakan state, but harassment is increased, according to sources.

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