Rohingya has power to stop wrong doing leader

Chittagong, Bangladesh: It is the choice of Rohingyas, their leaders and activists who want to save the suffering helpless Rohingya people from on-going Genocide and inhuman treatment at the hands of Burmese Government and fellow xenophobic and extremist Rakhine ultra-nationalists, according to Mohiuddin Mohamad Yusof, President, Rohingya Concern International (RCI), New York, USA.

Rohingyas signatories of 2011
“It is paramount imperative to seriously ponder what they should do when Mr.wakar is playing with fire to burn the entire house of Rohingya nation with his ulterior motives in disguise of a servant and leader of Rohingyas claiming himself as an undisputed Rohingya leader and the OIC appointed DG of ARU which was completely rejected by the majority of Rohingya masses and patriotic Rohingya leaders as well as the Twenty out of Twenty Eight original ARU signatories and founders in the historic Rohingya convention in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia in 2011.”

“The enormity of the catastrophe of Rohingya national disunity and dream of creating a collective leadership to represent the entire Rohingyas unnerved general Rohingya masses, even those who supported the leadership of Wakar Uddin when he was selected and elected as ARU-DG (Director General)  in 2011.”

“We are the witnesses of intentional wrong doing of Mr. Wakar Uddin who claims himself above the law, super-natural and Director General of ARU whereas the 20 out of 28 ARU founders not attended and rejected Wakar’s own crafted ARU Congress on July 7-8 and re-establishment of 12 years DG term (current six years and renewable six years as per his own drafted hidden ARU Constitution).”

The meeting on 7-8 July at OIC headquarters which the Dr. Wakar Uddin had given titled 2nd ARU congress but, most of Rohingya community denied it and the charter was completely unacceptable which declared and read in the meeting as it was not discussed with founding 4 senior Rohingya leaders, 10 Council members, 5 Coordinators to approve as per 1st ARU congress agreement, said Bashir Ahmed, President, Rohingya National Party (RNP) at R vision interview.

Rohingyas most signatories in 2013
“I participated the 1st day of meeting held on 7 July and I had seen so many Rohingya leaders who didn’t know about the ARU and didn’t clearly mention their own organizations name. The meeting was designed to support Mr. Wakar Uddin to become the next DG, so I decided not to participate the next day session. I also saw the participants from Burma are living in the Saudi Arabia not from Burma. They only mention the name of Burma.”

I request to all Rohingya brothers and sisters to support to establish the real ARU which will need to work for helpless Rohingya with the original 4 founding members, 10 Council members, 5 Coordinators and other signatories members, said Mr. Bashir at interview of R vision.

Similarly, the 2nd ARU convention was the meeting of a completely new ‎organization although the name is the same. This new ARU has nothing to do with the original Rohingya ‎convention that met in May 2011. The D-G is trying to establish a new mandate, according to Harn Yawnghwe, Executive Director, Euro-Burma Office.

Mr. Taalal Daous, from the OIC, who knows well in advance the disunity among the Rohingyas and in ARU was just waiting to happen sometime soon if a congress of ARU under Mr. Wakar Uddin take place disregarding the 20 ARU members non-participation in July, 2013 . The reason — sheer human selfishness and Wakar’s dream of DG post for 12 years to be precise, apathy of working together with those who brought him to chair of the Rohingya political leadership and its nexus with mining of Rohingya unity with hand-picked persons, relatives and cronies under the hidden deals of Jaaliyat and GRC (Global Rohingya Center), according to Mohiuddin at

“But is it good enough reason to disregard and dissolve the highly qualified Council members, coordinators and congress-men of ARU and creation of a team of inapt relatives, friends, supporters and cronies who are unknown to Rohingya world, for his re-establishment of DG post for more 6 years term and plus more six years reserved for renewal term with a hidden constitution of Wakar ARU which never appeared in the media or public forum so the general Rohingya public can see it.”

However, even though the Rohingya politicians were nowhere to be seen, the ARU is fortunate to have some outspoken Rohingya patriots such as Mohammed Ibrahim (Germany), Mr. Ko Ko Lin and Noor Islam (Bangladesh), Mr. Maung Tun Khin (UK),Mr. Imum Hussain (Jani) from KSA and Mr. Syed Hussein from Norway who were playing a bigger role to correct and contain the ARU original by the help of EBO/OIC facilitation calling another congress with a well-defined action Plan in Thailand or other place for restoration of Rohingyas’ hard earned unity in 2011 in the name of ARU under the joint efforts of EBO/OIC, according to Mohiuddin and Bashir.

As the OIC Secretary General turned a blind eye to the internal conflict of Arakan Rohingya Union giving floor to Mr.Talal Daous to oversee the Rohingya congress, Mr.Wakar Uddin was able to play game that resulted in so big loss that ARU was compelled to disintegrate and divided in two groups such as ARU (original) and ARU Wakar, said Muhiuddin.

“Can this unfortunate Rohingya nation expect anything better from the selfish and destroyer of ARU unity Mr.wakar Uddin whereas the current situation of the suffering Rohingya people in Burma demand a collective political leadership who shows no inhibition in milking human tragedy and disunity of Rohingyas for the selfish gain of fame and popularity?”

“Will it finally dawn on the Rohingya leaders and Activists that a lot of groundwork has to be done if we are to form a collective Rohingya national leadership through another Rohingya National Convention either by the previous Facilitators of Rohingya conventions or our Rohingyas own arranged convention to restore the world-wide image and reputation of Original ARU?”

We tried to call from both Rohingya leaders – member of signatory from 2011 and member of signatory from 2013- to make debate about recent ARU is legal or illegal and to clear about charter which had no mention of duty for Chairperson, DG , and etc, said Mohamed Noor, R vision. “But, we were not getting any of recent ARU member to join the debate program in out R vison.”

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