CBRO urges Canadian government to press Burma on Rohingya ethnic Cleansing

Chittagong, Bangladesh: The Canadian Burmese Rohingya Organization of Canada (CBRO) urged Canadian government to Burma to stop ethnic cleansing of Rohingya through the so called the 1982 citizenship law and recently killing and destroying Rohingya lives and properties, said  Nur Hashim, Chairperson, CBRO when they met
Honorable Stephen Woodworth, Member of Parliament of Canada and House of Commons.

CBRO Member with Honorable Stephen Woodworth
“The CBRO executive members and Honorable Stephen Woodworth met at Kitchener Centre on July 18, 2013 at 12: 30 pm to 2:00 pm where we discussed about Rohingya ethnic cleansing by Burmese authority and it partner anti-Rohingya factions 969.”

I am going to make a statement on Rohingyas crisis in Burma at the parliament when the parliament session reopens, said Honorable Stephen Woodworth said at the meeting.

We submit a petition letter – Urging Canadian government to press quasi-military government of Myanmar to stop Rohingya ethnic cleansing and all forms of atrocities against unarmed Rohingya people – to Honorable Stephen Woodworth, said CBRO Chairperson.

Honorable Stephen Woodworth send the petition with comment – The 2012 violence against Rohingyas has resulted in approximately 140, 000 displaced persons living in squalid conditions lacking proper sanitation, clean water and medical supplies. It is currently the rainy season, and disease is claiming lives.The residents (IDP) are attacked if they attempt to leave the Camp and Aid groups have been blocked while trying to supply aids to IDP by anti-Rohingyan factions (known as the “969 Campaign”) – to John Baird Minister for Foreign Affairs, Chris Alexander Minister of Immigration, Dr. A. Bennett, Ambassador for Religious Freedom and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, according to his letter which copy to CBRO.

“After the1982 citizenship law was enacted, the Rohingyas of Burma become non-citizen in their own country and imposed several fundamental principles of customary – restriction of movement, marriage, education, civil service and religious persecution, extortion, extra judicial killing and arbitrary arrest and the law is not international Law standards which made Rohingya flee from their homeland and seeking refuge in various countries,” state in the CBRO petition to Honorable Stephen Woodworth.

“The 1982 citizenship law was especially designed effectively to deny Rohingyas from the right to a nationality. The 1982 Citizenship law has had the effect of rendering the vast majority of Rohingyas ineligible to be Burma citizens. 1992 three hundreds thousands Rohingya refugees fled to neighboring country Bangladesh to escape the all forms of atrocities by the Burmese security forces.”

“The government-supervised violence against unarmed Rohingya Muslims minority in Arakan state of Burma by the Rakhine Buddhist nationalists, in which more than thousands of people have been killed, hundreds of religious building and more than thousands of houses were burned to the ground and more than 140,000 people displaced and kept in IDP camp – dire condition, don’t have access to medical, foods, purified water, sanitation and living condition are miserable- in Arakan State. International Relief groups are not allowed in IDP camp to access the Rohingyas since June 2012.”

“It is a matter of a planned genocide, Rohingyas are now allowed to starve to death.”

On the other sides, more than 500 hundreds people believed to have died in sinking their boats in the Bay of Bengal by sea route to Thailand and Malaysia while they were fleeing Burma to save their lives from the violence according to UNHCR reports.

Human Rights Watch unambiguously identifies the Burmese government as complicit in the abuses against Rohingya, calling it a government-backed “campaign of ethnic cleansing.” Even, Aung Sang Suu Kyi has denounced the two-child policy as of May 27h, stating that “They should not discriminate. lt is against human rights”.

Numerous women were gang-raped and tortured inhumanly in Arakan State since 2012 June. RNDP chairman Dr. Aye Maung and 969 campaigner Monk Wira Thu went on barbaric rampage and anti-Muslims violence. They gang-raped woman publicly, slaughtered any one in their way. This sorts of barbaric misdeeds; these Buddhist extremists have committed them all, they have even poisoned the ponds so that Muslims cannot even drink the water, according to CBRO member.

“To use the term Rohingya, in our ethnic history, we do not have the term Rohingya,” said President Thein Sein while David Mepham, UK Director at Human Rights Watch (HRW) asked, “Are you going to bring justice for those people who are responsible for the treble violence against the Rohingya Muslims in June and October, in particular last year?”

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