Rakhines attack Muslim religious leaders in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A respected religious leader (Maulana) of Rohingya community was catapulted which made serious injured by Rakhine teachers of Aley Than Kyaw high school on July 17, at about 6:00 pm while he was going to Aley Than Kyaw for medical treatment from his village, said a local elder on condition of anonymity.
“Molouna Jubair(40) son of Moulvi Saley accompanied by another religious teacher – Moulvi Azizur Rahman (30), son of Nazi – both hailed from Udaung village, Maungdaw south with a motorbike went to Aley Than Kyaw from Udaung village for medical treatment.”

Molouna Jubair has been suffering from fever and cough for a week. So, he called another religious teacher and went to a doctor named Mamun Rashid of Aley Than Kyaw for medical treatment, according to villagers.

A Rakhine teacher from inside the school’s boundary catapulted to two Moulanas on motorbike and Moulana  Jubair was hit in his head and  got serious injury when they were returning to their village near the school boundary, the villagers said.

After incident, some villagers rushed to the spot and took him to the hospital for treatment. Maulana called the school committee members— Yayah, Azam Ullah and Abul Hashim and appraised the matter to them. Abdul Awal, a Rohingya village members went to the police station and filed the accident and the police officer joint to the hospital to investigate the accident, according to school committee.

But, the school committee members called the said Rakhine teachers including the headmaster, but Rakhine group denied the accident. Later, U Maung, the headmaster told the victim that “You are not catapulted by the teachers, but they catapulted to the tree.”

Hearing the saying, the victim strongly condemned the headmaster and saying that they (teachers) catapulted to us after following (chasing).

After a few moments, the headmaster wanted to beg for his (Maulana’s) pardon before arrival of police, but the culprit (Rakhine teacher) was not present at the moment.

Police officer told the victims that to solve the problem peacefully, if it was not solved, it will become a big issue, said an aide of police.

A villager said, “He is a great and respected religious leader in our village, why the Rakhine teacher catapulted him, if any Rohingya hits a monk or Rakhine, he/she will be punished.”

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