Dhaka proposes special document for Rohingya

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Dhaka has proposed to issue special document for Rohingya who obtained Bangladeshi passports illegally and went to Saudi Arabia, according to foreign ministry sources.
“But, Saudi Arabia said, will consider the proposal.”

Around 500,000 Rohingya refugees from Burma had gone to Saudi Arabia using illegal Bangladeshi passports, said Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Khandker Mosharraf Hossain.

“We will issue them with some sort of identity document as Rohingya [Burma] Muslims following request from the Saudi authorities.”

Similarly, the Pakistan government earlier provided similar special documents to Burmese Muslims, who went to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan illegally in the last several years.

This is the first time a Bangladeshi minister admitted that Myanmar Muslims, who crossed the border following persecution by Myanmar authorities, went to a third country using Bangladeshi passports.

The special document will specifically mention that the document holder is not a Bangladeshi citizen, is a Burmese Muslim and will contain their photograph and personal information, said a senior official of the foreign ministry at press briefing.

“Saudi Arabia traditionally helps the Burmese [Rohingya] Muslims who have been persecuted in their homeland which Bangladesh is also sympathetic to the views of Saudi Arabia.”

“Under the proposed plan, Burmese Muslims – Rohingya – would be given the special document when they surrender their passports to Bangladeshi authorities.”

“Of course there would be incentives for them to do so. One such incentive might be higher wages,” when asked why Rohingya want to surrender their passport.

“No, we are not treating them as Bangladeshis,” said Expatriates’ Welfare Secretary Zafar Ahmed Khan, when asked whether Bangladesh will take the responsibility of the Rohingyas staying in Saudi Arabia.

But, along the border recently, twenty-six Rohingya Burmese nationals were arrested by a team of Border Guard Bangladesh from Taungbro and Gumdum of Naikoncharin under Bandarban district on July 16, according to BGB official.

“The concerned authority had arrested over 270 Rohingyas along the border last couple of weeks.”

The Rohingya who life is danger in northern Arakan State, are fleeing to Bangladesh to save their lives, but Bangladesh authority are arresting and deporting to Burma again where they will face jail term and harassment.

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