Villagers tortured for denying order of Nasaka

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Five Rohingya villagers including three women from Maungdaw north were severely tortured by the Burma border security force (Nasaka) on July 11, for denying the order of Nasaka, said a local elder preferring not be named.
“A group of Nasaka personnel from Nasaka Headquarters, Kawar Bill of Maungdaw north went to the Wabeg village on July 11 and asked the villagers to participate in the registration of villagers – computerized Photograph and signature. But, Nasaka forced the Rohingya villagers to sign in a computerized document to confess as Bengali in place of Rohingya.”

Therefore; Rohingya villagers were not willing to take part in the census – computerized photograph and signature with complete data – taking by Nasaka and immigration. The Rohingya fled from their villages to avoid harassment by the security forces, according to a businessman from the locality.

As a result, Nasaka personnel picked up five villagers including three women from Wabeg village, dragging them into a river and put their heads under water till they became senseless. Of them, one woman has a three-month-old baby. At present, the baby is serious position. They are very poor villagers with fasting. Their Sabbaths (fasting) were destroyed by swallowing water while their heads were beneath the water, said a relative one of the victims.

The five victims are identified as—Ms Hafeza Khatun (30) along with her three months old baby,  wife of Osman; Ms Gulbano (35), wife of Shoffi; Ms Culzar (40), Daughter of Hassan; Sayed Ahmed (60), son of Eman Hussain; and Mohamed Hashim (50), son of Kala Meah. They all belong to Wabeg village of Maungdaw north, the relative more added.

The concerned authorities forced Rohingya villagers from northern Arakan to get signatures in a computerized document. The rights to say and rights to do of human rights was not apply to Rohingya community in northern Arakan where the concerned authority forced them to get their plan – digital signature and Photograph with Bengali race-  which was not known to the international community. It need to pressure to the Burmese government by international community, said a Rohingya leader from inside Arakan who denied to be named.

The Nasaka and immigration, daily go to the Rohingya villages of Maungaw and Buthidaung Townships and try to sign in a computerized document to confess as “Bengali” in place of “Rohingya”. Villagers are unbearable about the harassment by the security forces, the leader more added.

The Nasaka was dissolved by president Thein Sein on July 12 night with state ordered.

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