Army uses their station as court in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: An army operation commanding officer is using his station as court to extort money from Rohingya community recently in Maungdaw, according to an elder from Maungdaw.
“Colonel Naing Soe Htun, the army commanding officer for Maungdaw to control Law and order after conflict between Rohingya and Rakhine since June 2012 and stationed at Maungdaw High school  where he uses his station as a court to extort money from Rohingya community.”

Col. Naing Soe Htun summons Rohingya from different villages to his station with false allegations where he extorted money from them every day, said a rights worker from Maungdaw.

“He is a high ranking officer from armed force who was appointed to control Law and order between Rohingya and Rakhine community in Rohingya populate area. But, he used his power to Rohingya community only to extort money. He didn’t controlling law and order in the area.”

Every day, Rohingya community are giving him more than 100,000 kyats as he summoned at last10 Rohingyas from different place which was very difficult for Rohingya community to arrange the demand money as they are not allowing moving, working, said a teacher from Maungdaw.

“If someone is not able to fulfill the demand, he will be tortured and keep in the station with hard work in the open sky.”

Every officer used their power to extorted money from Rohingya community in Maungdaw, there is no law for unlawful work from authority as they are the most powerful officer in the town. No action was taken against them even report or complaint , said a politician from Maungdaw.

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