Joint statement of 14 signatories to postpone ARU meeting/conference

Date: 6 July 2013

Joint stamen of concern

We the undersigned have issued this “Joint Statement of Concern” on the meeting/conference announced to be held on 7-8 July 2013 in Jeddah as follows:

1. Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) was formed on 30 May 2011 under the auspices of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Euro-Burma Office (EBO) in order to unite Rohingya rank and file and to make united efforts for a permanent solution to the Rohingya problem. The first convention in Jeddah formed a 10-memebr ARU Council to supervise the ARU activities and a Secretariat with 5 Coordinators with Dr. Waker Uddin as its Director General to run a regular office of the ARU.

2. Unfortunately, during the last two years’ time, Dr. Wakar deliberately failed to substantiate the hopes and aspiration of the people into action. Despite repeated requests by ARU authority no ARU constitution is drafted, not a single meeting or discussion has ever held –even in the event of emergency situation, no coordination between the DG and the Coordinators and Council members has maintained. Instead, the seed of disunity has been sown in member organizations and societies creating heightening disunity at home and abroad.

3. In addition, Dr. Wakar Uddin has defied the members of the ARU, refused to listen to the ARU Council and Secretariat, and has hijacked the hard-earned ‘union spirit’ of ARU. He has designed the ARU a personal establishment, with no accountability and transparency, making the entire ARU body dysfunctional.

4. At last, a long felt meeting of ARU was planned to convene on 15-16 June, 2013 in Bangkok under the sponsorship of EBO; but it was cancelled on the request of Dr. Wakar, who promised to hold a meeting in end June in Jeddah. All original signatories to the 1st ‘ARU Declaration, including Council members and Coordinators are expected to participate at the meeting.

5. Unfortunately, regarding his proposed meeting/conference, neither he has discussed with any Council members and coordinators nor has he invited majority Council members and coordinators. Until now ARU authority does not know anything officially about it. He continues to defy and ignore the ARU Council and Secretariat and has created a number of new and non- ARU organisations or groups inviting them to participate at the proposed meeting/conference.

6. For the reasons above, we do not recognize the proposed meeting/conference in Jeddah which is being held in defiance of ARU’s principles and its ‘union sprit’ hurting the feelings and aspiration of the Rohingya people.

1. Immu Ahmed (a) Khin Maung Council Member Saudi Arabia
2. Ko Ko Linn (a) Kalim Council Member Bangladesh
3. Nurul Islam Council Member United Kingdom
4. Sayed Hussain Council Member Norway
5. Zaw Min Htut Council Member Japan
6. Dr. Abdul Hameed Refugee Affairs Coordinator Malaysia
7. Maung Tun Khin International Coordinator United Kingdom
8. Nurul Islam Media Coordinator Bangladesh
9. Nezam (a) Ronnie Education, Culture & Domestic Coordinator Saudi Arabia
10. Mohamed Ibrahim Congress Member Germany
11. Kyaw Maung @ Shamsul Islam Congress Member Australia
12. Master Fayas Ahmed, Congress Member Bangladesh
13. Enam Ullah Congress Member Bangladesh
14. Mohamed Rafique Congress Member Bangladesh

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