Flag meeting between BGB and Nasaka at Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh:  A commander level flag meeting between Burma border security force (Nasaka) and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) was held at Cox’s Bazar regarding the issue of landmines on July 4, according to BGB source. “They discussed especially the issue of landmines and drug trafficking especially Yaba  smuggling during the meeting. The meeting was held at a rest house nearby beach of BGB at Cox’s Bazar.”

According to sources, the members of BGB complained to the delegation of Nasaka that the Burma’s authority had planted landmines along the Bangladesh-border from the border pillars No. 37 to 40 within the distance of 70-100 yards from the Bangladesh border line.

Regarding the landmines, the representatives of Nasaka denied it. However, the official level of Bangladesh will make a survey along the border areas very soon, sources said.

The Commander of BGB Battalion No. 17, Col.  Muhamad Nuzurul Islam led the 14 members of BGB from Bangladesh side, while Col.  Aung Min Oo from Burma side led 19 members of Nasaka. But, the BGB commander seriously discussed with Burma’s delegations about landmines, said an aide of BGB from Cox’s Bazar.

However, the Col. U Aung Min Oo responding the landmine issue that they gave assurance and confident responses to the BGB during the finishing meeting. The commander also said that they discussed the issue of landmines and other different bilateral issues relating to illegal drugs, human trafficking, cross border crimes and development of border trade, an aide of BGB from Taung Bro said.

The flag meeting was started at about 12:00 noon and ended at around 3:00 pm.

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