Rohingya request to postpone OIC organize ARU conference

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Rohingya from worldwide requested to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to postpone the Arakan Rohingya Union Conference which will hold on July 7-8, 2013 at OIC headquarters in Jeddah, according to Mohiuddin Mohamad Yusof (aka) Maung Sein who had written to OIC on behalf of the worldwide persecuted Rohingyas.
“I would humbly appeal and demand all of you mentioned above by names to postpone the OIC Supervised 2nd ARU Congress on immediate basis to be held on 7th -8th July, 2013 led by Mr. Wakar Uddin in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia not to divide the Rohingyas’ unity hardly earned by the efforts of the OIC/EBO in the past many years as this 2nd ARU Congress  is being held without  14 signatories of ARU who founded ARU and elected Mr. Wakar Uddin as ARU-DG whereas they are  from among senior leaders, Council Members, Coordinators of ARU office bearers with various responsibilities. Moreover, Mr. Wakar Uddin has been misguiding the OIC and EBO in the last two years with false and fabricated information of ARU members.”

“The ARU 2nd congress without these 14 ARU members, half of the signatories of ARU declaration is meaningless and unjustifiable, unacceptable to the world Rohingyas in which Mr. Wakar Uddin invited only those people who supports him and ready to make him legitimate DG for future term.”

The OIC and The Euro-Burma Office (EBO) came forward with helping hand to unite the Rohingya leaders, activists and organization with strong OIC member countries’ resolution and finally, an umbrella organization in the form of Arakan Rohingya Union (ARU) was formed on 30th May,2011 with Representatives of 25 organizations and senior Rohingya leaders by the joint efforts of OIC and EBO which has become a symbol of Rohingya unity and legitimate Rohingya Rohingya Representative organization accepted by all Rohingyas in and out of the Country Burma, according to request letter to OIC.

14 out of 25 allied components to ARU, are reportedly seen to be remained absent in the 2nd biggest ever of the Rohingyas National Congress set to be held on 7-8th July in Jeddah city under the auspicious of OIC, according to Noor Kamal, the President, CRCS, Bangladesh.

“I would request DG Prof. Dr Waker who is foremost responsible person, the only spoke person to ARU, representing not only of allied 25 Organizations, but claimed of 3.5 million Rohingyas in and abroad Arakan as a whole and holding the highest ranking profile of entire community, should come up to explain position to the discontent members of community through on net.”

Sending air ticket without visa paper is like curry without salt. The time is also too short to process – flight on July 5 where I get information on 1st July, how to process the trip within short time, said Fayas Ahmed, the editor of Kaladan Press Network to Dr. Waker Uddin.

“Dr.Wakar Uddin, please postpone the congress and fix a date after Ramadan or suitable time where all the signatories members will invite to participate in the congress; otherwise, you will be called a dictator.”

The ARU conference will submitted to the members for discussion in preparation for adoption about the Charter of the Arakan Rohingya Union, according to OIC website.

The agenda of the Conference will also include the introducing the current and new members of the Union, which was established by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in May 2011 to unite the Rohingya refugees around the world. The Director General of the first session of the Union, Dr. Waqar Uddin, will present his report on the achievements of the Arakan Rohingya Union during the last period.

The Conference will also look into the strategy and action plan of the Union in the next session, in addition to electing the officials of the Union and the formation of the Supreme Council, the committees and advisory board.

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