Monastery Security guard shoots monk in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A monastery security guard warning shot to a monk of Boho monastery of Maungdaw on July 4 at night, according to an official who didn’t want to mention his name from Maungdaw.
“The security guard – Burma border security force (Nasaka)- was stationed at monastery to protect it after conflict between Rohingya and Rakhine since June 2012.
The authority used only Nasaka not police to protect the monastery in Maungdaw.”

The Nasaka personnel who will be on duty next for security guard was slap his face by a monk for entering duty late as the Nasaka personnel went to wine shop, said an old man near the monastery.

“The Nasaka personnel didn’t say any voice, went to his place wear his uniform and took the guard position. Then he fired to the monk as warning, no to the body.”

“I am working here as a Nasaka and I have my own troop commander, why the monk slap me? Who is he? He is not my commander, said the Nasaka personnel to his officer after shooting at monastery, according to old man.

The concerned authority – Township administration officer, District administration officer, Nasaka director and other high level officers had come to the monastery in the morning today (July 5) and took the Nasaka personnel to their headquarters, said  the officer.

“This is the duty of police, why the concerned authority of Maungdaw used Nasaka personnel as security guard of monastery. Most of Nasaka personnel are Burman and they didn’t want restriction on them by any civilian or religious person.”

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