New dam kills two kids, destroys refugees’ shack

Kutupalong, Bangladesh: A dam had built recently in Kutupalong unregistered refugee camp, near block no.D2 which killed two kids and more than two shacks destroyed on July 1 and July 3, according to refugee committee member.

The deadbodies and family in camp
Two refugee kids drowned in a dam on July 1, at about 1:30pm, according to Rahamad Ullah , the father of the kids.

The two kids are two brothers – Faroque (5) and Jashim (4) – drown in the dam where most of the refugee kids are playing.

The dam was built recently by the local near the camp without taking permission from concerned authority, no meeting with  refugees who are living there and most of the kids play around the camp as they have no playground, no school, said Amin, a refugee committee from the camp.

one side of new dam in the camp

“The local did not fence the dam to protect the kids playing around the dam. The dam was built near the camp which is danger for kids for falling into dam and drown.”

The concerned authority still did not take any action to the dam owner after drowned of two kids and no one was interested about the death of the refugee kids even the working INGOs– UNHCR, MSF and ACF – in the camp. The kids are not registered refugees, but they seeking asylum for life security as their lives are danger in their home land, according to a watchdog group of refugee along the border.

Besides, the dam has given the refugee very danger for their living in the camp, especially in the raining season, the water become  high in the camp as the local built dam which block the raining water, destroyed the miserable condition of refugees’ shack and now the refugee had no shacks to take shelter in the raining season. No one had provided any things – housing, foods and other things which are most important for human being- and refugees tried to maintain their needs by themselves, the watchdog add.

The refugee’s shack destroyed by dam water

“More than two shacks were destroyed by the dam water on July 3 and will effect more in the future if the dam will not open or the refugees must move to high land. The authority had no sign for these refugee to do better in the raining season.”

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