OIC Secretary General brings up Rohingya issue to EU commission president

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ishanoglu brought up the issue of the Muslim Rohingyas in Myanmar and urged EU to take affirmative steps in support of their rights, while meeting EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, on June 25, according to 24th issue of OIC Journal, on June 29.

He met with Barroso at the latter’s office for discussion focused mainly on developments in Syria.

The OIC Secretary General also had met on 24 June with the EU Commissioner for international Cooperation Human Rights Aid and Crisis Responses- Kristalina Georgieva. They also discussed the situation of Burma where Ihsanoglu stressed on the need for pressuring the government there to allow access of international humanitarian agencies to the Rohingyas.

To end the silence on apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Rohingya in Burma, although France, EU, US, UK, OIC and international community raise its concerns frequently with Burmese authorities, ethnic cleansing of Rohingya has been going on.  But it is indeed careless into a genocidal space. Powerful bodies—France, EU, USA, UK, UN and OIC— must stop this genocide urgently as they committed to Humanity!!, said BRCNL Chairman Sazat.

So called democracy transition government of Thein Sein has been killing Rohingyas, rape women folks and displaced Rohingya people after the violence of June last year 2012. President Thein Sein is the head of the Rohingya genocide plan, said a Rohinya youth leader named Kyaw Soe Aung.

Since six months ago, the Rohingya marriage permission has been stopped by the Nasaka so that many Rohingya youths and girls cannot able to marry each other. It is a deliberate action against the Rohingya community to stop the birth rate of Rohingya community. It is also a kind of genocidal action, said a local youth from Areakan state.

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