No format to handle border issues: BGB chief

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is facing difficulties to handle border issues with its counterpart Burma border security force (Nasaka) as the Nasaka is unwilling to sit for discuss, according to Major General Aziz Ahmed, the BGB Director General.
“BGB is facing difficulties to hold for talk with Nasaka to resolve cross-border disputes.”

“Apparently, Nasaka is reluctant to sit for talks on border issues.”

The BGB chief was speaking to journalists on the occasion of his completion of six months in office. He highlighted on the restructuring process of the country’s border security force and recent developments.

According to different sources from border, Burma border security force (Nasaka) picked up four Bangladeshis, including three policemen, from Gumdum border point of Naikongchhari Upazila of Bandarban on March 13, 2013 and BGB needed 13 days for release of Bangladeshi as the Nasaka is not willing to sit and solve the issues. .

“If BGB sends letter to its counterpart security force of Burma, regarding any important matter, but Nasaka doesn’t respond immediately.”

Nasaka personnel arrested Bangladeshi from Bangladesh territory and detained in their camp without investigating. Sometimes released with hug bribe. The Nasaka personnel are thinking how to extort money from local and border people.

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