Two laws for two community in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Two motorcycle accidents – one was Buddhist community and another was Muslim community- were occurred at Maungdaw – Aley Than Kyaw High way on June 22 and 23, where the authority arrested and fined the Muslim (Rohingya) community but, the Buddhist community was free without any action, said a trader from Aley Than Kyaw who did not say his name.  A motorbike belongs to a Rohingya of Myient Hlut village under the Nasaka area No. 8 and another one also belong to Rohingya of Khonza Bill village had made accident each other on July 23 on the highway of Maungdaw-Alay Than Kyaw, hearing the accident, the Burma border security force (Nasaka) personnel went to the spot and arrested the two Rohingya and released after taking Kyat 250,000 from Myient Hlut villager and Kyat 10, 000 only from Younus of Khonza Bill village, according to sources.

However, a motorbike of Nasaka with three Natala villagers made an accident in the said road on June 22, while were going to Udaung to Aley Than Kyaw. They got seriously injured. They were immediately brought to the government hospital by Nasaka officer, the relative added.

“The accident was suddenly happened; the people will get injuries who need medical treatment but in Maungdaw no law for Rohingya to take treatment immediately, will need to pay money to the authority for released and to get medical treatment. They are human being but the law were not same in the areas, said a Rohingya elder from Maungdaw.

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