Salt water destroys paddy plants in Arakan

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The salt water from rivers has destroyed the paddy fields in Maungdaw south recently. The salt water entered to the paddy fields from rivers with high tide where Rohingya farmers grew paddy nearby streams, said a farmer on condition of anonymity.
According to a villager, “Some of the villagers went to the areas to oversee the areas after getting information that salt water destroyed many paddy fields there.”

Mostly paddy fields have been destroyed by the salt water in different areas such as—Aley Than Kyaw, Khonza Bill, Shilkhali and Buhamu Para under the Maundaw township, villagers said.

Hussain (not real name), a Rohingya farmer told the Kaladan Press Network (KPN), “I’m very surprise; I have never seen in my life that salt water destroyed the paddy fields in Maungdaw south.”

When asked a village admin officer in the area of Aley Than Kyaw, he gave confirmation that salt water destroyed many paddy fields. He also said that there is no rain at the moment. Therefore, many Rohingya villagers are facing many problems.

The village admin officer also said that the International aid groups do not reach in northern Arakan as the concerned authorities barred them to reach here and they also imposed different restrictions against the Rohingya Muslims in Maungdaw Township

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