Authority crackdown Rohingya in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: The Bangladesh authorities— police, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Coast Guard arrested more than 313 Rohingyas from different points of Bangladesh-Burma border in this month, Hashim, a local from border said.
“The concerned authorities of Bangladesh arrested Rohingya people in different raided while entering to Bangladesh and others were arrested while going to Cox’s Bazar from Teknaf and other areas – refugee camps-for work.”

According to sources, mostly Rohingya people were arrested by BGB from the border points of— Shapuridip, Teknaf points, Dumdum Meah and Whykong -BGB check post and Taungbro under the Cox’s Bazar district.

“Among the arrestees, some were pushed back to Burma and some were sent to jail by the concerned authorities.”

Sources also said that the Rohingya Muslims come to Bangladesh from Burma for seeking shelter because of persecution, killing, harassment and human rights abuses by the Burmese government.

There is no lives security of Rohingya and their properties in Arakan State, Burma, so they leave their homeland and flee to other countries by risky boat for seeking better opportunities, said a student who crossed Burma-Bangladesh border recently.

According to BGB sources, members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) pushed back 19 Rohingyas to Burma through Cox’s Bazar border on June 20. The Rohingyas were arrested during drives at different border points by BGB troops for their illegal intrusion into Bangladesh territories and sent them back to Burma after providing them with necessary foods.

“ More than 313 Rohingyas were pushed back this month after their arrest as they fled their homeland amid persecution.”

A Rohingya elder told the Kaladan Press Network (KPN), “We have no security in Arakan, Burma and Bangladesh, where to go?

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