No rule of law for Rohingya in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese authority in Maungdaw didn’t allow Rohingya community to adopt the law for their life and property, according to a politician from Maungdaw.
“A Rohingya shop owner want to file a case of robbery- for his electronic goods shop- in Maungdaw police station, but the police officer didn’t accepted his diary of robbery file and arrested him for his report, detained in the police station.”

Hafez Hussion (42), son of Jamal (former land survey officer) hailed from Ward No. 5, was the Rohingya electronic shop owner who lost Kyat 5 million from his shop which was robbed on June 18 night at about 1:45am. The shop is stationed on harbor road under Ward No. 1 and some source said it was robbed by a group of Rakhine youth, according to an elder from Ward No. 1.

“Hafez tried to find out the shop burglar through the law and informed to the concerned authorities – district police office and township police office- for justice, but police arrested him for filing the case against Rakhine youth.”

Hafez is a Rohingya Muslim, living in Maungdaw, a border town- under control of Buddhist officer-where the law and order are in the hand of them. Whatever the Buddhist officers want or wish, it will be law and the Muslim have to follow it, said a student from Maungdaw.

“Here is no security of properties and life of Rohingya community. The concerned authorities killed Rohingya people like animals and taking properties of Rohingyas in illegal ways by using power.”

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