Nasaka attempts to kill a villager

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma border security force (Nasaka) attempted to kill a Rohingya villager on June 17 at night in Maungdaw south, said an elder from the village on condition of anonymity.
“A group of Nasaka personnel from Nasaka area number 7 went to Molana Mohamed Jalal (40), son of Nazir Ahmed home from Aley Than  Kyaw village, Maungdaw south on June 17 at midnight where they tried to enter the home after breaking the door.”

Meanwhile, the owner of the house woke up and saw some of the men with arms, speaking Burmese language. So, the Molana screamed for help from the villagers, said a Nasak aide preferring not to be named.

Hearing the screams of the house owner, villagers rushed to the spot. But, Nasaka fired into air while villagers were approaching to the spot, according to sources.

After that, Jalal was dragged out from the house and severely beaten up on the spot. The victim was going into unconscious state after severely bleeding from his mouth. Later, he was brought to the local Nasaka camp where he was detained, said a relative not to mention his name.

Till writing repot, his fate is not known to his relatives and they are not allowed to visit him.

The Nasaka went to his house to commit robbery. He was severely tortured because he cried as “some of robbers enter his home and seek help from neighboring villagers.” As a result, the Nasaka personnel were very angry as they were unable to commit robbery, a close relative of the victim said.

A former administrator said, “Every night Nasaka personnel go to the Rohingya villages and try to harass the villagers by false allegations.”

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