No security in Rohingyas’ properties

Maungdaw, Arakan State: There is no security in Rohingya’s properties whether it is moveable or unmovable, in Arakan state. Three cows were picked up by Natala villagers and handed over to their boss Nasaka of Maungdaw south, said a local trader on condition of anonymity.
“The cows were picked up by the Natala villagers of Sommona village from the field on June 15, while grazing nearby forest.”
Natala villagers frequently picked up the cows of Rohingyas with the help of local Nasaka and extort money. The Natala villagers are being used as pawns by local Nasaka to harass the local Rohingya people in many ways, said a local elder preferring not to be named.
Regarding the crimes committed by Natala villagers, the local Rohingya people complained to the concerned local Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) authority, but the Nasaka did not take any action against the Natala villagers. Let them free hand to commit crimes against the Rohingya community. As a result, the Natala villagers are encouraged to make more assault against the Rohingyas, said a youth from the locality.
The owner of the cows was identified as— Fazal Korim (50), son of Muzher, hailed from Khonzar Bill village under the Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw Township.
According to sources, some cow boys immediately went to village and informed to the owner of the cows regarding the matter.
Later, Fazal went to the Nasaka camp of Sommona under the Nasaka area No. 7 and complained about the abduction of the cows. But, the Nasaka asked him that “Why you came here to complain about the cows,” and then he was arrested and severely tortured on the spot. However, Later, Fazal including the cows were released after taking Kyat 40,000, on that day in the evening, a close relative of the victim said quoting the owner of the cows.

According to villagers, mostly cows are not being sent to nearby forest for grazing by owners because of picked up by the Natala villagers. So, the farmers are facing many difficulties to maintain their cows.

When asked one of the Nasakas about the pick-up of the cows by the Natala villagers, “he told that regarding this, we have no information.”

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