Nasaka detains a Bangladeshi fisherman

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A Bangladeshi fisherman has been detained at Burma border security force (Nasaka) area number 5 in Maungdaw north since June 1, 2013, Jamal, a fisherman said from Nilla-town.
“He was arrested by a group of Nasaka personnel from Naf River while fishing in the river of Bangladesh side on June 1 and had not released yet.”

Ismail, the fisherman from Nilla ,under Teknaf police station.

Ismail dropped his fishing nets in the river which had gone overlap with other fishing nets of Burmese fishermen. The both side Burma and Bangladesh- fishermen argued each other for overlapping the nets. But, the Burmese side fishermen complained to Nasaka personnel who were patrolling in the river and the Nasaka picked up Ismail to their camp and detained there, according to fishermen sources.

Regarding the matter, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Teknaf Battalion No. 42 sent letters for his release to the Commander Officer of Nasaka sector number 5, but the Commander Officer didn’t respond, according to BGB

However, Ismail will be punished according to law of Burma by the Burma’s authority because Nasaka has field a case against him as robber, a Nasaka aide said.

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