Burmese mangoes in Bangladesh

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Burma’s green mangoes are available in Bangladesh. These are being smuggled into Bangladesh from Burma through the different points of border recently, said a local businessman.

“The illegal activity has been going on since the first week of June with the beginning of the mango season.”

According to sources, the smuggled mangoes are being accumulated in storerooms along the border areas of Bangladesh, but the mangoes are being used chemical   by mango traders to be ripened quickly.

After that, the mango traders bring out the mangoes and sell it at taka 30 to 40 per a kilo in the local market in Teknaf, Ukhiya, Nilla and other areas. Local mangoes are being sold Taka 45 to 60 in the market, sources said.

Mostly people buy the mangoes from Burma as it is cheaper than other local mangoes, but they have no ideas how harmful these mangoes are. They may fall in diseases after eating the chemically coated mangoes, said a doctor from border.

Some Burmese mango traders in Arakan, Burma buy green mangoes at cheap rates and have smuggled to Bangladesh and stored in border areas with the help of some Bangladeshi mango traders.

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