40 Malaysia-voyager arrested in Cox’s Bazar

Ukhiya, Bangaldesh: The Detective Branch of police on June 5 arrested 40 Bangladeshi boat-people who were preparing to go to Malaysia by sea route, Kamal, a local said from Ukhiya. “The DB police arrested them from Balukhali station of Ukhiya police station under the Cox’s Bazar district while they were gathering there.”

On being tipped off, the Detective Branch of police rushed to the spot and arrested 40 Bangladeshi Malaysia-voyager, according to official.

The official also said that the 40 people were waiting for their brokers who had allegedly hired a mechanized boat to send them to Malaysia through the Bay of Bengal.

After arrest, they were taken to the Ukhiay police station and detained in the custody.

However, police has filed cases against them in this connection and sent to Cox’s Bazar Model Police Station for further investigation, according to sources.

Sources also said that hundreds of Bangladeshi people have been going to Malaysia for seeking better jobs from Bangladesh since at end of 2012.

Besides, thousands of Rohingya Muslims also have been going to Malaysia from Burma and Bangladesh for seeking life security and better opportunity since 2012 by risky sea route after occurring violence between Rakhines and Rohingyas  last year.

At present, Bangladeshi people are also trying to go to Malaysia by sea route to get better life, said Kahlu from Cox’s Bazar.

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