Bangladesh prepares strategy paper for Rohingyas

Chittagong, Bangladesh: The ministry of foreign affairs, under the direction of the government, already prepared a draft strategy paper on the Rohingya issue, putting forward a total of 25 proposals and sent the strategy paper to the relevant ministries for their opinion, foreign secretary (in-charge) Shahidul Haque told the reporters on May 24.
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Will Myanmar’s Extermination Campaign Ever End?

Dr. Habib Siddiqui

Long time ago I learned never to say ‘never again’ when it comes to Myanmar’s savagery. The latest mayhem against the Muslims in the Shan state, far away from the western Rakhine state – bordering Bangladesh, once again shows that for this religious minority Myanmar is proving to be hell on earth. Seemingly, there is no conscientious Buddhist living inside this den of hatred and intolerance that is bold enough to challenge this status quo. Daw Suu Kyi, once darling of the West, has long shown her despicable hypocrisy when she tried to ignore the monumental crimes of her Buddhist people and the government against the Rohingyas of Myanmar, considered the worst persecuted people on earth.

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