OIC Secretary General brings up Rohingya issue to EU commission president

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ishanoglu brought up the issue of the Muslim Rohingyas in Myanmar and urged EU to take affirmative steps in support of their rights, while meeting EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, on June 25, according to 24th issue of OIC Journal, on June 29.

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No format to handle border issues: BGB chief

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is facing difficulties to handle border issues with its counterpart Burma border security force (Nasaka) as the Nasaka is unwilling to sit for discuss, according to Major General Aziz Ahmed, the BGB Director General.
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Bangladesh-Myanmar 7th JWGBTO meeting held at Teknaf

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  A meeting of Bangladesh-Myanmar seventh Joint Working Group for Border Trade was held at Teknaf Central Resort on June 22, at around 10:00 am and completed around 2:15 pm, according to official of JWGBTO from Teknaf.

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Two laws for two community in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Two motorcycle accidents – one was Buddhist community and another was Muslim community- were occurred at Maungdaw – Aley Than Kyaw High way on June 22 and 23, where the authority arrested and fined the Muslim (Rohingya) community but, the Buddhist community was free without any action, said a trader from Aley Than Kyaw who did not say his name.  Continue reading “Two laws for two community in Maungdaw”

Salt water destroys paddy plants in Arakan

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The salt water from rivers has destroyed the paddy fields in Maungdaw south recently. The salt water entered to the paddy fields from rivers with high tide where Rohingya farmers grew paddy nearby streams, said a farmer on condition of anonymity.
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Bangladeshi plans to set up commodities exchange in Burma

Chittagong, Bangladesh: A Bangladeshi capital market expert- Wali-ul-Maroof Matin- is going on for setting up a commodities exchange in Burma that is opening itself up to international investors, according to Alliance Capital Asset Management statement. Continue reading “Bangladeshi plans to set up commodities exchange in Burma”

Authority crackdown Rohingya in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: The Bangladesh authorities— police, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Coast Guard arrested more than 313 Rohingyas from different points of Bangladesh-Burma border in this month, Hashim, a local from border said.
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