New tactics to extort money from Rohingya

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Commanding officer of Nasaka area number 7, Maungdaw south, has used new tactics to extort money from Rohingya villagers under his commanding area recently, according to a trader on condition of anonymity.
“The Nasaka Commanding officer ordered the villagers and village admin officers – have to build toilets and poultry farms inside the Nasaka commander camp.”

But, some admin officers are taking advantage of Commander ordered and taking more money from villagers -1500 kyat per rich family and1000 per poor family – and it is very difficult to pay the money by very poor and widow. The collecting are more than to build build toilets and poultry farms inside the Nasaka commander camp.”

“Syed Alam, the admin officer of Khonza Bill village is the officer who collected money from everyone who are not able to pay and harassing the villagers for money,” according to villagers.

“After conflict, Rohingya community are not able to earn money from their culture jobs- fishing, farming  and business- as the authority imposed the Rohingya for moving and working. But, the authority tried to extort money from these people when ever they (authority) wish.”

“We are not able to fulfil the demand of authority-police, army and Nasaka- and they started to harass and arrest us for money, but using false and fabricate case to extort money, said a dailylabor from Maungdaw south.

According to different sources, the concerned authorities frequently arrest the innocent Rohingya villagers over allegations and extorting money every day and night in northern Arakan Sate.

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