3-Rohingya detained in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma border security force (Nasaka) arrested three Rohingyas and detained in the custody of Nasaka area number 7, on May 22, a villager told the Kaladanpress from Aley Than Kyaw on condition of anonymity.
“The villagers were arrested from a house by a group of Nasaka personnel yesterday, at about 11:00 pm while they were watching a small television like game monitor. If anyone watches it, no need to take permission from concerned authorities.”

According to sources, a group of Nasaka personnel went to Khonza Bill village at night without knowledge of villagers and checked the houses which one they doubt.

They (Nasaka) went to Hafizullah’s house and told to open the door but he didn’t open the door for fear of arrest. Later, Nasaka personnel forcibly entered the house and arrested them during three persons were met on the spot. After arrest, they were severely beaten on the spot.

The arrested were identified as Hafizullah (30), son of Ismail, Younus (23), son of Md. Korim of Khonza Bill villager and Kamal (20), son of Islam, hailed from Udaung village under the Maungdaw Township. Younus is Hafizullah’s friend, but Kamal went to visit his relative house from Udaung, said a relative of a victim.

However, Kamal and Younus were released after taking 100,000 Kyat by Nasaka personnel later.

But, Hafizullah has been detained in Nasaka custody since yesterday night because he was unable to fulfill Nasaka’s demand which Nasaka demanded him to pay money 700,000 Kyat, the relative more said.

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