32 bodies recovered at coastline in Teknaf

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladesh Coast guard personnel recovered 32 bodies from the coastline at Teknaf union, under the Cox‘s Bazar district yesterday afternoon and today, Additional police Commissioner of Cox’s Bazar, said.

The dead bodies recovered at coastline in Teknaf
A trawler had capsized with 100 Rohingyas in Burma, on May 14, at night, and that the 32 dead might be among the victims of the accident, said a local named Habib from Shapuri Dip of Bangladesh.
All the 32 victims are Burmese nationals, had set off for Malaysia from Teknaf on Wednesday.
Of them, 12 are children, 6 women and others are adult males. They also found Kyat 40,000 from their clothes, the Teknaf police said.
Among the dead bodies, there was a woman clasping her baby at her chest, said Kala from Teknaf who saw the dead bodies after recovering from the sea yesterday.

The local people spotted the bodies afloat along the coastline between Baharchara and Sabrang in the afternoon. They informed the local chairman and the police, who later recovered the bodies.
Police had recovered 24 bodies with the help of the local people from the Bay of Bengal. “Some of the bodies are decomposed,” the Teknaf police sub-inspector Didarul  Ferdous said.
More bodies were still floating near the coast. The recovered dead bodies have been buried today, a local said from Teknaf.

Some local source said, the agents for Malaysia sea voyage are organizing the Rohingya people from Maungdaw and Buthidaung- facing human rights violation in their own lands and thinking their lives are in danger – fled from their land to Malaysia by sea route. Recently, Akbas from Pranpru – a ferrymen, Mohamed Siddique from Kyauk Hlaikar (Dargadil) and Jafor Alam from Taungbro Letwe (Daybona) are transporting people from Pranpru to St. Martin outside where the big boat were waiting for Rohingya people. These victims were the same people -the Malaysia agents sent them to St.Martin for boat- and capsized near the mouth of Naf River.

“The agents had connection with Burma Border Security force ( Nasaka) to get out from Pranpru to St. Martin outside where big boat were waiting for people. The agents had given to Nasaka 30,000 kyat per head when they sent people to Malaysia.”

“The dead bodies were not from the boat which capsized off near Pauktaw as it is so far to reach the Bangladesh coast and Maungdaw inside Naf River.  The Pauktaw dead bodies will go to the Bay of Bengal or near the Akyab coast,” said a fishermen who has long experiment in the sea, from Teknaf.
Besides, eight bodies were also recovered by local people nearby Aley Than Kyaw village of Maungdaw coastline yesterday morning and the dead bodies were buried by the local villagers, said a local villager from Maungdaw south.
A youth from Maungdaw said, “Why do the Rohingya people flee for Malaysia leaving their relatives in motherland with rickety boats under the terrible weather? It is necessary to consider for the international community.”
In Burma, a boat carrying about 100 Rohingyas capsized on May 13, at the start of a mass evacuation from low-lying region in Pauktaw Township to high land when Cyclone Mahasen started approaching the coast after cyclone warning organizations issued an alert of convection in the Bay forming into a low and then a cyclonic storm after May 10.

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