Drug scandal in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Police personnel from Maungdaw arrested a monk and two Rohingyas from Ahludawpay monastery for drug trafficking on May 5 and police kept more drug in their hand and show little to the court with case, according to an officer from Maungdaw.
“Police Inspector officer U Than Tin, sub Inspector U Hla Thein, Constable Tun Tun and another constable raided the monastery with information of drug trafficking (Yaba) inside the monastery where the police seized 165,000 Yaba with a monk and two Rohingyas from Buthidaung.”

But, Police Inspector U Than Tin and other police personnel kept 100,000 Yaba in their hand and filed case with 65,000 Yaba and sent to the court. The drug traffickers were stated the total numbers of Yaba and who were in the drug trafficking – mostly high officer from Maungdaw, said an officer from court.

“The court ordered to arrest the police Inspector U Than Tin, Sub Inspector U Hla Thein and the two constables. U Than Tin was arrested in Akyab and U Hla Tin was arrested in Maungdaw, but the two constables were still escape from the station.”

In Maungdaw, most of the drug traffickers were police officers, other high officials, using the local people who were need of money as a drug carrier from one place to another. Sometimes, the police arrested the carrier and show to court as a drug trafficker to hind their drug business, said a drug trafficker from Maungdaw.

“Police personnel are trafficking drug openly in Maungdaw as they are the protector of Law and using poor people to carry it. Sometime save their agents and sometimes sent them to jail as a trafficker.”

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