Authority settles Natala villagers on Rohingyas’ land

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The concerned authority of Maungdaw has settled and built houses for Natala villagers on Rohingyas’ lands in Maungdaw south recently, said a schoolteacher on condition of anonymity. “Authority has built 10-house for Natala villagers at Honsara village after being relocated some Rohingya families from their own lands.”

The victims have been identified as Nurul Haque (45), Anzul (40), Md. Salim (37), Md. Zuahar (42), Lal Meah (46), Anu Meah (60), Ziabul Hoque (33), Mohamed (65) and Rahim Ullah (50), they all hailed from Honsara village of Maungdaw township.

In June 2012, many Rohingyas’ homes were torched by the Natala villagers from Honsara and the Rohingyas are staying nearby Rohingyas’ house in same village for their safety, according to villagers.

“The lost homes owners went their locality again and wanted to build houses but the authority and Natala villagers didn’t allow to build houses in their old places.”

“There are around fifty Rohingya houses in the locality which are closed to Natala village; were not allowed to build houses in the old place by the concerned authority.”

An house owner told the Kaladanpress on condition of anonymity, “We are now homeless and not know where to stay in the rainy season. We are now living in measurable condition in the village.”

A village admin officer said that many Rohingya villagers will face so many problems in the rainy season who are homeless created by the concerned authority.

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