Rohingya lose their farmlands for Natala road

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Rohingya are losing their farmlands for building a road – joining from Natala village to main road (Aley Than Kyaw- Maungdaw highway) – on Rohingya farmlands by authority, a villager said on condition of anonymity.
“The road is going to main road – Aley Than Kyaw-Maungdaw – through Rohingya farmlands where most Rohingya community lost their farmlands around 100 acres.”

According to sources, the Natala villagers were using the road which was pass the Udaung village before sectarian violence between Rakhine and Rohingya last year, but, now the Natala demanded to concerned authority to build a road for them separately for their movement from village to main road. The authority are building  the road on Rohingya farmlands which made Rohingya landless and will become starvation for shortage of foods.

Some owners of lands have been identified as Kamal (45), son of Hussain Ahmed of Khonza Bill (village), Abdu Goffar (40), son of Azhar Meah, Eliyas (40), Fozaran, Sultan (60) and Ali Zuhar (50), son of Lalmat, four persons hailed from Udaung village of Maungdaw township.
Sultan has some arable lands, these lands had already seized by the concerned authority for road construction. So, he will face starvation for shortage of foods in future and he will not able to cultivate paddy in the next coming rainy season, said a member of village admin office.
Many Rohingya farmers like sultan, will be facing with the shortage of food in the village.

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