Breaking News: 2nd may 2013

President resigns from USDP

Myanmar President U Thein Sein has resigned as chairman of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and his party post was replaced by its vice-chairman U Shwe Mann, according to the party’s Union Daily Thursday.

US maintains targeted sanction

The US government should maintain targeted sanctions, and potentially re-impose lifted sanctions against Burmas government until it meets international bench marks for religious freedom, the US on International Religious Freedoms commission said yesterday.
Rohingya Muslims, who are denied Burmese citizenship, experience widespread discrimination, strict controls over their religious activities and ceremonies and societal violence that is often incited by Buddhist monks and carried out with impunity by mobs and local militias, including police, according to the commission.
Over 1,000 Rohingya have been killed, their villages and religious structures destroyed, and women raped during attacks, it said. The government’s official death toll, which includes both Buddhist and Rohingya victims, is 192. Some non-governmental groups familiar with the situation on the ground in Arakan State have previously also suggested that the real figure is several times higher.

House set on fire at Maungdaw south

Today, at about 9:00 pm, a house of late Kala Meah of Kilai Daung village, under the Nasaka area No.7 of Maungdaw south was burned down by Natala villagers        ( new Rakhine settlers) with the help of Burma’s border security force( Nasaka).

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