Diarrhea spreads at Leda refugee camp

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Diarrhea, fever, cough and stomach’s pain have recently spread among the refugee children in Burmese refugee camp, said a local doctor.

Many unregistered Rohingya refugee children and elders of Leda (Tal) have been suffering from various diseases since the end of April 2013.”

According to refugees, the effected children and elders are being given basic treatment through the Muslim Aids.

 Refugees also said that a patient, who becomes serious, is not being referred to government hospital of Cox’s Bazar. Doctors said,” They have not enough budgets to refer for better treatment.”

“Mostly, refugee children (1 to 7 years) are suffering from these diseases.”

Ayoub, a refugee committee member from Leda camp said,” The refugee children and elders are being affected by diarrhea because of scarcity of pure drinking water, they are drinking salt water. The fresh water has been dried up in the dam since March 2013 in summer season which was built nearby mountain side by Muslim Aids.

Many refugee women and girls go to local village to fetch drinking water but they have no lives security as they are disturbed by the local youths. The Rohingya refugees also have been facing problems from unhygienic conditions at Leda camp, the wastewater drain was jammed, the committee member more said.

Besides, refugees also said that they have been facing many difficulties with their sheds as— most of the sheds had been become old and dilapidated. But, Muslim Aids has not yet taken any step to rebuild or repair ruined sheds.

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