Roingya youth met with car accident in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A Rohingya youth was seriously wounded with Dina car accident on April 21, while he was going to Bawli Bazar from his home of Maungdaw Township, said a relative on condition of anonymity.
The victim is identified as—Mohamed Kasim (31), son of Ahmed Hussain, hailed from Thay Chaung (Balu Khali) village under the Pwet Chaung village tract of Maungdaw Township.

On that day, at around 10:00 am, he is going to Bawli Bazar (Kyein Chaung) from his home for begging there.  He is not mentally good.  He is a poor man and has three children. However, on the way to Bawli Bazar, he met car accident on the road of Maung Nama Aley village. The car driver and the passengers are from Rakhine community, said another relative preferring not to be named.

After the car accident, four Rakhine men got down from the car and picked up the victim and brought to Bawli Bazar police station. He was seriously wounded in his head. The driver left for his home leaving the victim at the police station. The police did not give any allegation to the driver. However, the victim got emergency treatment from the police station.  But, he did not get any supporting from the police station, a local elder said, quoting the victim.

The next day, on April 22, at around 6:00pm, the victim was sent to Powet Chaung village tract Administrator office and then sent to his relatives.

When asked the police station of Bawli Bazar regarding the matte, they replied that they did not know about the accident.

At present, the victim is going to puzzle and he is being kept in a room fastening his leg with a pillar. He has no money for more medical treatment.

A village elder said, “It is a rural area and there is no other cars on the road. So, there is no possibility to meet car a  accident.”

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