10-Rohingya detained in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Ten Rohingya villagers have been detained in the Nasaka’s custody of Aley Than Kyaw since April 21, said a local trader on condition of anonymity. “Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) arrested them from their village at night on that day after being conducted operation.”

The arrestees have been identified as— Ayat Ullah (20), son of Rahim Ullah, Nasir Rahaman (17), son of Kafayed Ullah, Majibur Rahaman (25), son of Asadullah, Zahid Hussain (17), son of Dilu, Md. Yonus (30), son of Deni Islam, Khirul Amin (20), son of Antaz, Abdul Amin (15), son of Abdul Mazid, Rahamat Ullah (20), Moni Ullah, Zamal (15), son of Saley and Fazal.  They all hailed from Dil Para village of Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Nasaka area No.7 under the Maungdaw Township.

“Most of them are young villagers,” said a schoolteacher from the locality.

According to villagers, a group of Nasaka personnel accompanied by some Natala villagers entered the said village tract at night at about 12:00 and one of them shouted that Natala villagers entered the village with long swords and guns.

Hearing the voice, the villagers immediately went out from their homes and rushed to the gate of the village where they saw some Nasaka and Natala villagers were standing on the spot, a village elder said.

At this moment, the Nasaka personnel arrested some Rohingyas villagers without giving any reason, but others could manage arrest of Nasaka. After arrest, they were severely tortured on the spot. It is a tactics to arrest the Rohingya villagers from their villages.

However, they were brought to the Nasaka area No. 7 and detained in there. Nasaka has demanded Kyat 500,000 for their release, but the arrestees are not able to fulfill their demand. So, they have been detained and tortured in detention center of Nasaka camp, said relative of a victim preferring not to be named.

An ex-chairman from Maungdaw south said,” It’s a tactic of Nasaka personnel to extort money and harass the Rohingya villagers by giving false allegation.

“Burmese government still doesn’t care of international pressure,” said a politician inside Arakan.

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