Stand with Rohingya till find a solution: Dipu Moni

Chittagong, Bangladesh: “We must send out a clear message to our Muslim brethren in Burma that we shall continue to stand by them and never give up till we find a lasting solution to their problems is found,” called at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – OIC – contact group meeting at its headquarters in Jeddah on April 14 by Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dipu Moni.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dipu Moni
“We must continue to act as a conduit to channel their legitimate concerns to the larger international audience.”

“We must recognize and use the strength of our moral weight to make sure that the most vulnerable people in Burma, especially the Rohingyas, do not remain excluded from the dividends of reform,” Dipu said.

Dhaka urged the Burmese authorities to ensure that the minorities – Rohingya- get back their nationality rights and live as Burmese citizens in safety and with dignity, according to a Foreign Ministry statement released on April 15.

“The issue of safe and sustainable return of Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Burma as well as the large number of Rohingya Muslims in an irregular situation also remains an outstanding concern for Bangladesh.”

The current official attempt in Burma to term Rohingyas “Bengali or Bangladeshi immigrants” in a general sweep does not have any historical or legal basis, the Foreign Minister said.

“The international community must encourage the Burmese government to promote dialogues between the Muslims and Buddhists in the Arakan state and other sectarian flashpoints, the Foreign Minister called.

The foreign minister stressed the need for neutralizing the radical elements within both the communities and for promoting dialogue among the moderates within their respective leaderships.

“OIC could possibly offer to play the role of a facilitator for holding inter-communal and inter-faith dialogues to reinforce mutual respect and understanding. The festering tension between the two communities has already started having bitter implications beyond the borders of Myanmar.”

“Within the OIC, we must rise to the occasion and get things done to end the systematic persecution and discrimination against the Rohingyas and other Muslim minorities in Burma.”

“OIC urged authorities in Burma to allow a ministerial OIC delegation to visit the country to discuss deadly violence against Muslims,” stated on April 14, at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at a meeting of Burma contact group comprised of foreign ministers of the OIC and also urged the UN Human Rights Commission to dispatch a fact-finding mission to Burma.

OIC chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu

“Such violence is a clear indication of the government’s negative approach in dealing with ethnic and religious tensions that erupted last summer,” said OIC chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, describing the violence as “unacceptable”.

While the Rohingya — described by the UN as among the most-persecuted minorities on the planet — have long been denied Burmese citizenship.

Last year the OIC condemned the violence against Muslims – Rohingya – in Burma as “genocide”.

“Attacks on Burmese Muslims are highly planned and coordinated and security forces do not stop the incidents,” Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told at Saudi Arabia meeting of a Burma contact group comprised of foreign ministers of the OIC.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

“Burmese’s government must show that perpetrators of such kind of incidents cannot go unpunished. Hatred between Muslims and Buddhists must be averted,” he said.

“More than 100 thousand people had to leave their homes and they still did not return to their home. Moreover they are denied of their rights.”

Davutoglu said Turkey was ready to extend any support to OIC.

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