Nasaka harass fishermen in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma border security force (Nasaka) are harassing and disturbing Rohingya fishermen without any reason in Maungdaw south since April 13 –stared of Buddhist water festival-, said a fishermen on condition of anonymity from Aley Than Kyaw.  
“Nasaka personnel from Shilkhali Nasaka out-post, under Nasaka area No. 7, harassed and tortured Rohingya fishermen who returned to their village –Aley Than Kyaw- from the sea on April 14 without any reason. The fishermen have permission from Nasaka to fish in the sea.”

Some victims of fishermen are:- Shafi (35), Dilu (33), Yonus (40), Abdu Rakim (30), Dolusan and Lal Meah (32).

Some fishermen were jumped into the water to escape and some were injured while Nasaka tortured the fishermen and Nasaka threw fishes into water which were caught from the sea, said an elder from the village.

“The injured persons have been taking  treatment in the village privately as they are not able to go to the government hospital for Buddhist water festival –no staffs and road block.”

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