Rohingya suffer more in Buddhist Water Festival

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A house of Rohingya people was completely burnt down into ashes by Natala villagers with the help of Nasaka (Burma border security force) yesterday night, at around 10:00pm, a close relative of the victim who did not identify his name.
“The victim is identified as Dil Mohamed, hailed from Kilaidaung village (Dou Chee Yartan), under the Nasaka area No.7 of Maungdaw north, Arakan Sate.”

Besides, two men —father and son from Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw Township had been stabbed by the Natala villagers yesterday while they were sleeping in a hut at night out of the village. They have a vegetable farms nearby a Mountain and they have to watch their farm at night for guard of being stolen. They were sent to local clinic for medical treatment but they were not allowed to admit there. As a result, the victims are taking treatment from the village quack doctors. It is not possible to send the victims to Maungdaw general hospital as the roads are blocked by the Rakhine people from 9:00am to sun set for their Water Festival, said a local elder from the locality.

The concerned authorities also declared not to go out Rohingya people from their villages during the Festival. If there is any problem, it will not be responsible for the security force, the Nasaka official said.

In addition, the Rohingya community is also suffering in the southern side of Arakan State. Rohingya people from Kyauktaw, Minbya, Mraybom, and other towns are arrested by the Rakhine mobs while they get out of the houses. After arrest, they were handed over to police with false and fabricated cases.

On April 14, at about 3:00 pm,  a Rakhine mob arrested five Rohingya villagers  while they were coming from market after buying rice and other essential goods for their homes, After arrest, they were  beat  severely and  sent  to army sentry post  of Mrauk –U. They hailed from Paun Doke village of Mrauk- U Township said a businessman from Mrauk-U preferring not to be named.

The Rakhine mob seized all their belonging and cash. The Rakhine tied those Rohingyas with steel chain and gave allegations against them that   they were carrying gallons and rubber containers of diesel and petrol, matches and entered Rakhine village to set fire of the houses.

The arrested victims are identified as— Deen Mohamed (20), son of Abdu Malik, Enus (20), son of Yusuf, Fotiya alias Maung Chay (20), son of Shamshu, Abdul Korim (22), son of Amin Hussain and Shobbir Ahmed (30), son of Fato. They all belong to Mrauk- Township., said a youth from Mrauk U.

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