Bangladeshi Buddhists settled in Maungdaw north

Maungdaw, Arakan State: More than 200 Bangladeshi Buddhists were settled in Maungdaw north on April 9, according to an elder from Maungdaw who denied to mention his name.
“The Bangladeshi Buddhists were first given settler in Alodawpey monastery by the Maungdaw high officials – U Kyi San, Township administration officer and U Aung Myint Soe, District administration officer- when the Bangladeshi Buddhists arrived from Bangladesh Hill tract to Maungdaw on April 6.”

The Bangladeshi Buddhist are being settled in the villages of Kha Maung Zeik and Taungbro where the authority confiscated arable lands of Rohingyas. The authority also giving houses to them with some arable lands, said a village admin officer from Maungdaw north.

“The authority built the houses by forced labors of  Rohingya community near the areas for Bangladeshi settlers. Rohingyas lost their lands and also had to pay forced labor for new settlers.”

The Bangladeshi Buddhist settlers are living in the hillside with shacks where they had to work hard for their survival in Bangladesh. Now, the Rakhines politicians and authorities from Burma organized the Bangladeshi Buddhists to move from Bangladesh to Burma by offering lands, houses and jobs to become majority in the area of Rohingya community who are majority in Maungdaw, said a politician from Maungdaw.

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