Teknaf land port earns revenues over 54 million Taka in March

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Revenues from the Teknaf land port – a border trade corridor situated on the bank of Naf River at Teknaf – generated over Taka 54 million in March of the 2012-13 fiscal year (FY), according to a custom officer Humaun Khobir of Teknaf.
“The earnings included tax receipts and customs fees, through the increase of two-way trade between Bangladesh and Burma.”

This was an unexpected turn of event for the National Revenue Board of Bangladesh (NBR). Despite political situation is not stable in Bangladesh, said the custom official.

According to another source that the NBR hoped to collect 540,125,921 Taka only in March, but it earned Taka 40,786 less than of its estimated budget though the political situation is unfavorable.

In February, Teknaf customs earned Taka 286,256,078 from Burma’s goods and also earned Taka 14,725,362 from Bangladesh goods.

Burma exports —timbers, fresh fishes, dried fish, bamboos, cotton, canes, cattle, goats, pickles, scraps, tobacco, dried chili, turmeric, batteries, leather, areca nuts, slippers, umbrellas, and spices.

Burma imports— cement, industrial tubing, aluminum utensils, flour, medicine, ready-made garments, vests, fair and lovely cosmetics and even human hair from Bangladesh.

The Teknaf land port is likely to continue to boost the country’s economy through improved trade relations with Burma. The land port will help earn significant revenues for the government and combat cross border smuggling, according to the official.

Custom officials said the land port may help increase national incomes through increased trade and stop cross-border smuggling.

The Teknaf land port, located on the Bangladesh-Burma border, began to operate in 1995.There are 13 land ports in the country, and of them, Benapole is the biggest, followed by Teknaf.

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