Ready to take all necessary measures and actions: OIC Secretary General

Chittagong, Bangladesh: Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) declared the organization was “ready to take all necessary measures and actions” in dealing with the impending crisis, at the contact group meeting on the violence against Muslims in Burma that was held in Jeddah on March 30,  according to OIC press release.

The contact group meeting on the violence against Muslims in Burma that was held in Jeddah

“The ministers from OIC states will meet on April 14 in Saudi Arabia to discuss violence against Muslims in Myanmar.”

“The OIC intends to raise the issue in the Security Council and the Human Rights Council to find a solution that contributes to putting an end to religious persecution against Muslims in Burma. The OIC had previously tried to contact government officials in Burma to no avail. There has also been an Egyptian proposition to send a special delegation headed by the Secretary General of the OIC, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, and includes a number of foreign ministers of member countries to Burma, but this visit has been postponed. The OIC attempted to open an office in Burma over the past year to supply aid to Muslims in Burma but extremist Buddhists demonstrated against this attempt,” according to Arab News, mentioning to an official of OIC.

“Violence has extended to target all Muslims in Burma. The recent violence in the central regions of the country confirms all too well that there is religious persecution.”

“We strongly condemned the recent spreading of the violence against Muslims in Burma at the hands of extremist Buddhists. Violence in Arakan in the West of the country continues uninterrupted since last June, 2012 and has spread to several cities and areas, particularly in the Miektila city in the Mandalay region in the central of the country. As a result of this violence, scores of Muslims were killed and their homes and properties burnt, in addition to the burning of nearly 18 mosques and a number of schools. Hundreds of families fled their homes. Such violence should not continue,” the Secretary General said.

The Secretary General also urged the Burmese government to “put an end to Buddhist extremism and hate campaigns, as well as ethnic cleansing that they had launched against Muslims in the country.”

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