Police extorting money from Rohingyas

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Crimes investigating police officer – U Than Htay- from Maungdaw police station is extorting huge amount of money from Rohingyas by forcing them involvement in the murder of March 28, according to an elder from Maungdaw.“U Than Htay summoned all the fishing pound owners – Bakagonena village tract and Itali village tract for investigating about the murder of a Rohingya in the pound of government ( Immigration), but who appeared to the police station were arrested  and harassed to pay money.”

Abdul Naser – fishing pound owner from Kaliza Banga village- was arrested on March 30 while he went to see U Than Htay and released on March 31 after taking huge amount of money from him, said a village admin officer from Maungdaw.

“Actually, nobody knows who killed the Rohingya in the fishing pound and authority had given permission the Italiya villagers to bury the dead body after investigation. So the villagers and all the fishing pound owners help to bury the body.”

“But, the in charge police officer, U Than Htay, takes the opportunity to extort money from fishing pound owners, calling them to his office for investigation. But, he arrested who appeared to his office where he harassed the person to compel to pay the money.”

Similarly, the police officer, U Than Htay had taken huge amount of money from MaungNi village to give statement that the villagers were not arrested in the conflict time and arrested in their homes early morning in the village ( Maung Ni), said an elder from the village.

“But, U Than Htay had given the statement, he arrested the six villagers in the conflict area,  not in village.”

The police officer and police personnel arrested the villagers from their homes in early morning, not from conflict area – the riot of June 8, 2012 at Maungdaw road and near the junction of Kanyi (Clock tower), said a trader from Maungdaw who was eyewitness of arresting the villagers in Maung Ni village.

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