More harassment by Nasaka in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: More Rohingyas have been facing harassment by Burma border security force (Nasaka) in Maungdaw south as the Nasaka has been arresting arbitrarily Rohingya villagers since March 10, said a local elder. Sayed Ullah (35), son of Mohamed Siddique, hailed from Udaung village was killed by Natala villagers in his betel leaves farm on March 1. The betel leaves farm is near the mountain side not far from Natala village. The Natala villagers frequently stole betel leaves from this betel leaves farm earlier. So the owner, Sayedullah asked them (Natala villagers) not to steal betel leaves from his farm. As a result, when the owner went to his betel farm on March 1, he was brutally killed by the Natala villagers.

However, the Nasaka did not arrest the main culprits (Natala villagers), but they arrested the innocent Rohingya villagers and extorted money from them. This event is clear that the Nasaka’s arrest to Rohingya villagers is illegal and bias, a business man said on condition of anonymity.

But, the Nasaka arrested some of the villagers from Udaung village over the accusation that they had been involved in the murder case of Sayedullah.

Why did the Udaung villagers kill Sayedullah, a betel farmer? There is no reason to kill him by the villagers, said an elder from the locality.

Some arrested villagers were identified as —Hamidullah (25), son of Yasin, Manu (45), son of Yasali, Yakub (47), son of Ashadullah, Md. Younus (30), son of  Kolim, Korim Ullah (40), son of Ashar Zama, Md. Siddik (50) and Abdullah (40), sons of Kala, Noor Ahmed (50), son of Abdul Latip and Nur Alam (32), son of Dil Mohamed.  They all belong to Udaung village of Maungdaw Township.

U San Zaw, the Nasaka officer of Nasaka out-post nearby Udaung Natala village, arrested the innocent said Rohingya villagers from their village and paddy fields, said a trader on condition of anonymity.

According to villagers, Nasaka personnel went to the village at night and arrested villagers showing the warrant lists of murder case. After arrest, they were taken to the Nasaka out-post under the Nasaka area No. 8.

It is a very surprise able matter that they were kept in the Nasaka custody and beaten up severely by the Nasaka personnel along with a group of Rakhine goons said one of the arrestees who denied to be named.

However, later, Nasaka personnel released all the arrestees after taking huge money, said a person from the locality.

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