Nasaka arrests over allegation of illegal marriage to extort money

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) arrested a Rohingya youth of Maungdaw Township yesterday over the allegation that he had married illegally without taking permission from the Nasaka, a close relative of the victim said on condition of anonymity.
“The victim is identified as Salim (22), hailed from Maung Nama Gyi village of Maungdaw north. He is a shopkeeper at his village.”

On that day, a group of Nasaka from Nasaka area No.6 of Maungdaw north went to his house at about 2:00am, arrested and tortured him severely in front of his parents over the allegation that he had married without getting permission from the concerned authority, a friend of the victim said preferring not to be named.

After arrest, he was brought to the local Nasaka camp and detained there until they get money from the arrestee. It is a normal activity for Nasaka to get money from Rohingya people. There is no law and justice. Nasaka demanded Kyat 300,000 to be released, but the victim did not afford it, so he is still in the detention center of Nasaka camp.

A close relative of the victim said, “It is an illegal accusation. He is still a bachelor. He did not marry. But Nasaka accuses him that he is married.”

Another elder said,” Nasaka always gives disturb to the Rohingy community by saying that— they are holding mobiles, married illegally, involving in violence, involved human trafficking, involved in drug smuggling and etc.”

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